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Who I am

Seasoned Engineering Manager adept in all stages of advanced web development.

Proven track-record for results-driven leadership and thoughtfully fostering team growth.

Bringing forth expertise in design, installation, testing and maintenance of web systems. Equipped with a diverse and promising skill-set.

Proficient in an assortment of web technologies, including JavaScript, CSS frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, Tailwind), SPA libraries (Vue.js, Svelte/Sveltekit, some React), PHP (extensive WordPress experience), SQL, Node.js, Git, cloud deployment and management (AWS, Google, Netlify), and much more.

Able to effectively self-manage during independent projects, as well as collaborate and lead in a team setting.

Recently acquired passion for AI and Language Model prompting.

Professional Experience

Director of IT

POUND Rockout. Workout.
Los Angeles, CA / Remote
Jan 2023 — Present
  • Assist in the development and execution of the IT Strategic Plan, which aligns IT & Development initiatives with business goals and strategies.
  • Lead and define web development best practices, coding standards and workflow processes.
  • Keep stakeholders, collaborators, and other interested parties well-informed of the team progress and activities.
  • Own the technology stack, ensuring a high-performing, agile, and scalable solutions framework that can support rapid business expansion.
  • Recommend, design, and develop site architecture to enable a best-in-class user experience.
  • Coach and mentor the team, helping them expand their technical knowledge and advance their leadership skills.
  • Establish performance monitoring systems and protocols to ensure a high degree of availability, system readiness, and global site performance.
  • Provide insight to UX Designers about platform requirements and limitations.
  • Review and analyze existing applications effectiveness and efficiency, and then develop strategies for improving or leveraging these systems.
  • Ensure that development projects meet business requirements and goals, fulfill end-user requirements, and identify and resolve systems issues.

Senior IT & Development Manager

POUND Rockout. Workout.
Los Angeles, CA / Remote
May 2019 — Jan 2023
  • Led the design and development of technology solutions to support and drive the business forward.
  • Built internal and consumer-facing solutions and contributed to product design and system scalability.
  • Collaborated with business and technology professionals on architecture, development, integration, and maintenance of solutions to meet rapidly evolving business needs.
  • Demonstrated expertise in a wide range of technologies and tools, including programming languages, databases, and software development methodologies.
  • Managed and led development teams, providing guidance and mentorship to team members.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to identify and troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Strong communicator, able to explain technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders and clients.
  • Proven ability to multitask and manage multiple projects simultaneously, meeting tight deadlines and delivering high-quality work.
  • Continually stay current with the latest trends and best practices in the industry to ensure that solutions are cutting-edge and meet the highest standards.

Senior Web Developer Contract

Smitten Labs
2019 — Present
  • Successfully developed and implemented a variety of WordPress projects from initial design and mockup to final deployment and post-deploy maintenance.
  • Contributed to project scoping and planning, providing expert advice on best practices and industry standards to ensure project success.
  • Collaborated with team members to hire and manage a team of overseas developers, effectively communicating project requirements and providing guidance and support throughout the development process.
  • Demonstrated expertise in full-stack web development, utilizing a wide range of technologies and tools to deliver high-quality, responsive and user-friendly websites.
  • Consistently met and exceeded client expectations, resulting in successful project completion and long term relationships.

Full‐Stack Web Developer

Absolute Exhibits
Tustin, CA
June 2017 — December 2018
  • Managed multiple company websites including ecommerce stores utilizing Woocommerce.
  • Developed a custom inventory management system enabling booking and availability tracking
  • Planned and led a company-wide redesign and rebranding effort that finished five weeks early and under-budget by 17%
  • Implemented a new Digital Asset Management system with custom API and plugin to simplify integration of digital assets across all company websites
  • Led all development projects, including planning, coding, and implementation
  • Managed security and updates for all company web servers and websites
  • Maintained internal marketing tools integrating with FileMaker and JobPro systems
  • Assessed internal processes and architected solutions to enhance productivity
  • Provided technical advice and input on key company decisions
  • Continuously optimized company marketing efforts for maximum benefit and SEO.

Technical Project Manager / WordPress Development Manager

Newport Beach, CA
January 2016 — June 2017
  • Led clients to clearly identify and continuously manage project scope, requirements, dependencies, and deliverables.
  • Maintained effective communication to keep all stakeholders involved in the project.
  • Initiated, coordinated, and enforced systems, policies, and procedures.
  • Improved organization's effectiveness and efficiency by defining, delivering, and supporting strategic plans for implementing information technologies.
  • Maintained project quality service by establishing and enforcing organization standards.
  • Managed vendors, resulting in 180% increase in average profit-per-project and 35% reduction in project lifecycle.
  • Improved client and employee satisfaction rates.